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Fire in the Sky presents
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Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL area hardcore/metal booking. We exclusively work with hardcore/metalcore/grind/tech/whatever along those lines.

We started doing our own thing in January of 2004. Our goal is to bring as many great bands to the area as we can. Hopefully we can encourage more kids to start coming out to hardcore shows, and show them that there is so much more to offer outside of the Atreyu's and Norma Jean's. We'd like to see Tampa/St. Pete become a staple in more band's trips through Florida.

For all the latest show bookings and news, check out our site at www.fitspresents.com. And ADD THIS PROFILE if you're in a band or in our area. Use this as a show updater/reminder! We post our flyers in the pictures section, so check that every once in awhile.

***If you would like to set up a show with us, please email us first. AIM is only for if you have a really important question or if we already have plans set with you.***



more shows to be announced


--100 Demons
--A Jealousy Issue
--Age of Ruin
--At All Cost
--Black My Heart
--Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus
--Bury Your Dead
--Casey Jones
--Commit Suicide
--Death Before Dishonor
--Down to Nothing
--Embrace Today
--Evergreen Terrace
--Glass Casket
--Gone Without Trace
--He is Legend
--Highwater Waltz
--Horse the Band
--I Killed the Prom Queen
--If Hope Dies
--Into the Moat
--Last Perfection
--Misery Signals
--On Broken Wings
--One Dead Three Wounded
--Pale Horse
--Premonitions of War
--Remembering Never
--Scars of Tomorrow
--See It Through
--Seventh Star
--Since the Flood
--Society's Finest
--Straight And Alert
--Terminally Your Aborted Ghost
--The Autumn Offering
--The Breathing Process
--The Haunted Life
--The Heuristic
--The Judas Cradle
--The Sawtooth Grin
--This is Hell
--Through the Eyes of the Dead
--Too Pure to Die
--Tyranny of Shaw
--Where Eagles Dare
--Will to Live
--With Honor
--XBound in BloodX
--XReign of TerrorX

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100 demons, 24 hours to live, 25 ta life, all hell breaks loose, allegience, back of tha neck, bane, beauty in chaos, black my heart, blacklisted, blood for blood, blood in blood out, blue monday, bodiesinthegearsoftheapparatus, born from pain, bury your dead, caliban, carry on, casey jones, cast aside, chain of strength, champion, clearwater, clenched fist, colin of arabia, comeback kid, cut the shit, dead to fall, death before dishonor, death threat, die young, donnybrook, down to nothing, drugxtest, ed gein, embrace today, endurance, fight night, figure four, first blood, floorpunch, florida, full blown chaos, get the ammo, hardcore, hatebreed, have heart, headvice, hoods, ignite, in due time, in my eyes, instilled, internal affairs, into the moat, kids like us, lights out, make move, mental, modern life is war, most precious blood, murder crew, murder weapon, nervous breakdown, no warning, nothing left to mourn, on broken wings, on our own, one life crew, outbreak, over my dead body, premonitions of war, pride kills, punch your face, repercussion, righteous jams, seventh star, shattered realm, shed for you, shockwave, shows, silence after tragedy, since the flood, slapshot, slumlords, some kind of hate, st. petersburg, stand accused, stay gold, still crossed, straight edge, strife, suffocate faster, take these eyes, tampa, tarpon springs, ten yard fight, terror, the absence, the hope conspiracy, the promise, the red chord, the warriors, these days, throwdown, too pure to die, until the end, walls of jericho, will to live, with honor, xbound in bloodx, xdeathstarx, xkill everyonex, xkiss the barrelx, xtyrantx